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The most basic document for memorializing a person's estate plan, a will is written to direct who is to receive a person's assets and to name a person to be in charge of implementing the plan. A guardian for minor children typically is named in a will. When a person dies without a written estate plan, either a will or trust, state law provides a plan for distribution of trust assets called "intestacy." The following terms may be found in a will:

Testator: The person who writes the will to state his or her plan.

Beneficiaries: The persons who will receive the assets as gifts/inheritances.

Executor: The person responsible for winding up the financial affairs for the testator, including
paying bills, filing tax returns and distributing assets to beneficiaries.

Guardian: The person named to take physical custody of, and provide care for, minor children.

Trustee: The person named to control and manage assets for beneficiaries. See Living Trusts below for a detailed description of trustee under that topic.​

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